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Red Light Therapy
Collagen regeneration

Red Light Therapy with Neo-elegance LED Illumination

Using Red Light Therapy for skin rejuvenation purposes is a relatively new beauty and health concept backed by scientific research which uses Red Light Fluorescent lamps to penetrate the whole body to a depth of 8-10mm

At Vitawell we like to bring our clients the latest and innovative technology in Health and Wellness. We understand that Red Light Therapy has many benefits for increasing your skin condition, it is also beneficial for your health and general well-being as Red Light at 633 nanometres has the benefits of renewing collagen and elastin fibres

Red Light Therapy also makes your skin smoother, it oxygenates and detoxifies the skin, reduces deposits of cellulite, improves your skins moisture retention, suppleness and firmness, reduces pore size and skin spots, helps weight loss, relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and leads to visible anti-ageing and the side effect of this is that you feel good!

At Vitawell we provide Neo-elegance LED Illumination Red Light, near Infra-Red and Blue Light Therapy which is pain free, it does not cut, burn or break the skin and is a powerful non-surgical treatment for better skin using:-

LED therapy
Near Infrared (830nm) for accelerated skin healing
and rejuvenate the complexion

Red (630nm) to regenerate collagen, elastin and
hyaluronic acid by stimulating fibroblast cells

Blue (430nm) combat acne by killing
Propionibacterium in the skin, thus inhibiting and
treating breakouts

Galvanic therapy
Using positive and negative charged probes with a
conductive gel to push key ingredients into the skin,
tighten and tone facial muscles and deep cleanse the

Oxygen therapy
An optional inclusion of purified oxygen will improve
blood circulation, oxygenation, product penetration
and rejuvenation of the skin/  It also kills bacteria in the skin, preventing acne-genic
skin problems

We know the benefits of continuous Red Light Therapy and always recommend our clients book a course of 6 to get the best results!

Our therapists are fully trained in the use of LED Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is suitable for all skin types and 10 to 80 age range.  As with all non-invasive aesthetic treatments, if you are not sure regarding this treatment we advise you to seek medical advice before embarking on LED Red Light Therapy

We also welcome GP and Hospital referrals.  If your GP practice is not listed on our GP Referral Scheme, please ask us for our form to give to your practice to complete


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If you'd prefer to discuss this treatment on the phone, request a call back and one of our customer advisor's will be in touch.

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