Mind, Health and Relaxation Classes

Mind, Health and Relaxation Classes
Mind, Health and Relaxation Classes
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Mind, Health and Relaxation Classes

The Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is a way to feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way… the way nature intended

Our Alexander Technique teacher helps you to identify and lose the harmful habits you have built up over a lifetime of stress and learn to move more freely, breath with less effort, improve posture, be more focused, cope with stress better and be calmer and more confident

The Technique involves no specific exercises and requires no special equipment It is suitable for people of all age and levels of physical fitness and can also help you if you suffer from repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, you have a backache or stiff neck and shoulders, you become uncomfortable when sitting at your computer for long periods of time, you are a singer, musician, actor, dancer or athlete and feel you are not performing at your full potential. The Technique is concerned with how you use yourself as a whole – mind and body – in everything you do

Our typical Alexander Technique session lasts 1 hour and is limited to 5 clients at a time

Kum Nye – Tibetan Relaxation
The Tibetan yoga tradition is a system to promote healing and energy, opening awareness to a point where meditation is spontaneous and effortless using massage, movement exercises, breathing exercises, visualisations and meditation

The essence of this relaxation class is balance, and its offshoot is a deep felling of nurturance and refreshment which extends far beyond the feeling we would call ‘happiness’. Kum Nye is the art of developing this true balance. Through relaxation you can discover a new way of being, a perspective that is open and that delights in the integration of body, mind, senses, feelings, and environment

You learn to appreciate the completely wholesome quality of living experience. The whole body becomes refreshed, not only the physical body quickens, but the mind and all of the senses are invigorated as well; sense impressions and thoughts come to life. A quality of relaxation informs every activity, even walking or eating. Your lives function smoothly, and you become healthy and balanced

Kum Nye, can loosen up the tension connected with stress and opens up your sensitivity inherent in your human embodiment. Our typical KumNye relaxation session lasts approximately 1 hour

Fendenkrais Technique
We have all developed our own unique patterns and habits of moving and being since birth. Some of those patterns work well for us and enable us to do all the things we want while some are not as helpful and might get in the way of what we want to do or even involve discomfort or pain. Sometimes it is a sport, martial art, or creative activity like acting, singing or dancing that we would like to do better, sometimes it is just the everyday tasks, e.g. sitting, standing, walking, reaching for something etc, that are inhibited

By heightening your awareness of your movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method brings you closer to realising your full human potential. Bringing this into your life, you learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace. The Method can permanently improve your posture, balance and coordination, awakening your innate capacity for life-long vitality and continuing self-development

Our Febdenkrais Technique session teaches you about your personal patters and how they manifest in the movement of your spine. You will explore ways to find new possibilities for easier, more efficient and comfortable movement using practical ‘Awareness through Movement” to enable you to feel what you can do better and begin to find some new possibilities. Our typical session lasts approximately 1 hour

Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques
The practise of a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you to develop resilience, equanimity and empathy where you learn to focus and apply awareness more creatively, both in meditation and in daily life, and engage fully with life’s challenges

Our sessions are based on the ancient Buddhist techniques of meditation and mindfulness to help you feel more in control of your life if you are always too busy to savour it. Our meditation and mindfulness techniques can also be effective in your ‘bad or sad’ moods, and controlling your overwhelming feelings of losing control

Our typical session practices basic sitting practices from the Buddhist tradition and mindfulness in movement, walking, listening, talking and eating, thoughts, feelings and communication and lasts approximately 1 hour

We also welcome GP and Hospital referrals.  If your GP practice is not listed on our GP Referral Scheme, please ask us for our form to give to your practice to complete


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