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Vitalife Wellness Program

As a Vitalife Wellness (VW) Program Member you will receive a 12 month membership subscription that includes the following treatments , services and discounts on a no contract basis providing you pay by direct debit each month for a period of 12 months. Terms and Conditions apply*

On the VW Program you will receive:

• A personal 12 week Weight Management Program worth £408.00

• An Advanced Fitness Test worth £380.00

• A personal 12 week Fitness and Exercise Program worth £489.00

• 1 Sports/Remedial massage per month worth £480.00

• 24/7 access to your program treatment plan, online and through the Vitawell App

• Your program treatment updates delivered weekly

• Access to Vitawells online Client Program Management Centre for any questions, queries or information you may have or require

• Your personal Health, Nutrition, Diet and Fitness Metrics Journal

• Ongoing support from the Vitawell Program Team

• 30% Discount on promotions and products

• 20% Discount on Yoga, Mind, Relaxation and Wellbeing sessions

Vitalife isn’t a conventional weight loss, fitness or wellness program – it’s a personalised comprehensive health and wellness package that is designed to fit only you

The package offers you full access 24/7 to your unique personal “Vitalife” program through our members online portal under your own unique entry username and password with added security

Here you will find your lab, nutrition, dietary and fitness test results and other important information including your Vitalife programme plan containing your nutritional type test, meal plans, fitness plans, goals, aims, objectives, treatments, payments, tips, information and secure messaging all in one location

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Terms and Conditions*
If you cancel your membership before the stated period under each membership the balance of the total treatment price will become payable


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