GP Referral

GP Referral
NHS and Private Referrals

GP Referral

Vitawell accept GP Referrals via the NHS and Privately for all of its treatments except 3D Lipo Aesthetics.

If your GP Surgery is not part of our GP Referral Scheme, please contact us for a GP Referral Manual and Referral Form

Vitawell is a member of the GP Referral Scheme for its Hair Systems which are exclusive to the professional medical channel like GP Practices and our affiliate partner Hair4All

Being part of a GP Referral Scheme is the cornerstone to our success.  Vitawell understands that  patient referrals to us require a high level of professionalism and trust in our company, our products, knowledge, experience and our patient care which is of paramount importance

We in return assure you:

  • Vitawell Total Hair Systems are only sold through professional channels using ethically farmed hair
  • Only our fully trained therapist will fit the system
  • Vitawell only specialises in Custom Hair Replacement for Men and Women as an Affiliate Partner to Hair4All
  •  Every hair system is hand made to fit each patient to their exact requirements
  •  Custom hair systems are produced using the patient’s own Hair Samples and a Template of the area that requires hair replacement

The patient


Vitawell specialises in providing hair systems for sufferers of Alopecia Areata (AA), Alopecia Totalis (AT), Scarring Alopecias (Cicatricial Alopecias), Traction Alopecia, Anagen Effluvium and temporary Telogen Effluvium.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Vitawell provides hair systems for Chemotherapy patients who are undergoing treatment and suffering with subsequent hair loss. Whilst this is generally a temporary hair system until the patients’ own hair regrows, it can provide great relief to patients suffering partial or full hair loss and throughout the regrowth period.

Vitawell also provide hair systems for Radiation patients where high doses of radiation have caused permanent hair loss providing the patients’ skin is not sensitive during and after treatment as the hair system could irritate the scalp in these instances.

The process

If you are a GP Surgery wishing to refer a patient to us then please downloadour GP Referral Manual.

If you are a client wanting to be referred to us through your GP then please contact us for a GP Referral form either download our referral form here or ask your surgery to contact us for a copy of our GP Referral Manual and Referral Form.


Please contact our Referral Scheme Co-ordinator if you would like further information or require assistance.

Debbie Read – T: 01245 426005 – M: 07927 572431 – E:


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