Circulatory Treatment

Circulatory Treatment
Whole Body Vibration Plates

Circulatory Treatment

Whole Body Vibration plates are the latest addition to passive exercise regimes but they also promote lymphatice drainage, toxin removal, well-being, weight loss, exercise and overall improved circulatory and immune systems

At Vitawell we know that the whole body vibration concept or (WBV) is good for your health as the vibrations created by the WBV send subtle vibrations through your body which cause small muscular contractions forcing your fluids through your body in a way that is efficient, constant and gentle enough not to cause any harm but forceful enough to stimulate a higher degree of circulation and by constantly pumping blood through your systems this forces toxins held into your Lymphatic drainage system thereby preventing potentially dangerous build ups and acts as a catalyst for your Lymph nodes which are key components in your immune system

Individuals that cannot get rid of their toxins are more prone to illness and do not feel as healthy as those whose lymphatic systems are capable of draining regularly. Exercise is certainly one way to achieve a high level of lymphatic draining, but not everyone has the ability (either physically or practically) to indulge in a great deal of physical activity

WBV machines promote weight loss by tricking the brain into believing that you are falling, your muscles then contract many times per second in trying to stabilise you, though the weight loss is not drastic, using the WBV allows the lymphatic system to push stored fats out of the body, resulting in a healthier, leaner figure

For these reasons, whole body vibration (WBV) facilitated by a machine, is able to help combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and rid the body of the toxins that it has stored

The benefits of WBV have been enjoyed by people from several cultures over thousands of years

WBV is free with our 3d Lipomed course of treatments, taken 1 a week after each 3d lipomed session or you can book a course of WBV sessions as a standalone treatment

We also welcome GP and Hospital referrals.  If your GP practice is not listed on our GP Referral Scheme, please ask us for our form to give to your practice to complete


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