Basic Metabolic Panel

Basic Metabolic Panel
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Basic Metabolic Panel Test

A basic metabolic panel is a combination of tests that helps you assess important functions in your body and can be taken to your Doctor for their assessment on your state of health. The tests that make up the basic metabolic panel are blood (serum) tests for:

BUN (blood urea nitrogen) – This test measures the amount of nitrogen in the blood
CO2 (carbon dioxide or bicarbonate) – This test references lung and kidney function
Creatinine – This tests Creatinine levels which can tell you how your kidneys are functioning
Glucose – This test checks your blood sugar levels – abnormally high or low glucose levels could indicate a range of issues
Sodium – This test determines if the concentration of sodium is within normal limits. It is part of your electrolyte panel
Potassium – Your potassium levels are tested as part of your electrolyte panel
Calcium – Testing for the calcium levels in your blood can help determine if there is a kidney, bone, or nervous system problem
Chloride – Chloride levels are checked as part of your electrolyte panel
Albumin – This tests your blood protein levels to test for kidney and liver disease

Once tested the basic metabolic panel results can be given to your doctor if abnormal in order that he can get a good idea if you have any serious problems with:

blood filtration
acid/base balance of your blood
blood sugar levels
electrolyte levels

This can help uncover kidney problems, lung problems, certain heart problems, and problems with your pancreas or insulin metabolism. Your Doctor will then order more detailed tests if any of these basic indicators are abnormal

All of the above tests are undertaken with just one blood sample that is taken by our resident Phlebotomist and sent on to our dedicated laboratory partner in the UK, the blood is then divided up by the testing lab for each test

Prior to taking our Metabolic Panel test you will be required to fast for eight hours beforehand and take only small sips of water. The blood sample takes approximately 10 minutes to from start to finish, the results are normally available within 3 weeks

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