The Ancient Art of Energy Flow Stimulation


Acupuncture originates from China and has been practiced there for thousands of years and involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at specific gi points on your body where the needles are inserted to various depths in the belief that health is the result of a harmonious balance of the complementary extremes of yin and yang of the life force known as gi or ch

The 350 acupuncture points are located on your body through meridians which vital Qi energy runs through and if you suffer from illness it is due to an imbalance of the forces, by inserting the fine needles into these points your energy flow can be brought back into proper balance

In scientific explanation Acupuncture points are where nerves, muscles and connective tissue can be stimulated which increases the blood flow while at the same time triggering the activity of your own body’s natural painkillers, Endorphin

During a 45 minute consultation our Acupuncturist will go through a health and pain questionnaire in assessment of your condition you will then be given a physical exam where you will either be asked to lie down face-up or face-down or on your side depending on where your pain is and the needles are to be inserted

Our Acupuncturist will use single-use disposable sterile needles and insert each needle into a specific acupuncture point, you will feel the needle being inserted initially but without any pain however when the needle reaches the correct depth you will feel a deep aching sensation, the needles are then heated or stimulated with electricity after insertion, the needles then remain in the position for about 20 minutes

Thereafter several weekly or fortnightly treatments will be required with most courses consisting of up to 12 sessions

The benefits of acupuncture are that its safe when done correctly, there are very few side effects and it can be effective in controlling some types of pain and is a useful homeopathic alternative to treatment when you do not wish to take medications

The contradictions of acupuncture are that you cannot have the treatment if you have a bleeding disorder, if you are taking blood thinners, occasionally there can be some bleeding and bruising with soreness at the insertion sites

Acupuncture is often used to treat pain conditions such as headache, lower back pain and osteoarthritis, but is also sometimes used to help with conditions ranging from infertility to anxiety and asthma

We also welcome GP and Hospital referrals.  If your GP practice is not listed on our GP Referral Scheme, please ask us for our form to give to your practice to complete


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