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A warm welcome to Vitaness Blog+ Community, a space for like minded people who want to lose weight, to get fit, to be healthy, to eat a balanced diet, to look and feel good and most importantly to receive motivation, support, help, information, tips, meal plans, fitness plans and more, people like yourself who want to be supported in their efforts and to become part of a community that feels and wants the same as you do!

You dont have to opt in or out, you just come here when you feel like it, or if you want to receive all of the above into your inbox, just join up to our newsletter, everything here is featured within it!

As we say, “its not about us, its all about you”, we and the Vitaness Blog+ Community are here to help you, so if your ready to start making a difference today, reach out to us, leave a comment here or on our facebook page, email or call us or even visit us at our Billericay centre, whichever way you chose to join our community we would love to hear from you and welcome you to our community

The Vitaness Club also meets every Wednesday at our Billericay centre from 9.30am til 10.30am for weigh-ins, measurements, chats, menus, progress and more, and if you’re feeling the urge we run a Pilates class at 10.30 til 11.30 for the Vitaness Blog+ community goers and Vitawellness Club members, the cost is £5.00 for the hour, either call, text or email to book your place the week before and dont forget to bring your own towel and water

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