3D Lipo Body & Face
A powerful three dimensional alternative to Liposuction for targeted body sculpting
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Red Light Therapy
For accelerated skin healing, hydration and detoxification
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Diamond Dermabrasion
Non invasive exfoliation for skin rejuvenation
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Facial Programmes
Personalised Facial Treatments
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Anti-Ageing and Body Contouring specialists

Harley Street Treatments at High Street Prices

Pay As You Go or in 3 easy instalments

Micronutrient Testing
The most comprehensive nutritional analysis available!
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Hair Systems
Hair Systems
Custom Hair Replacement for Men and Women as an Affiliate Partner to Hair4All
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Vitawell Medicentre

Debbie Ash, Founder of the Vitawell Centre is pleased to be able to bring Harley Street to the High Street for you to access the most innovative and technologically advanced treatments and programs in anti-ageing and body contouring in an ethical and safe environment in the hands of our exceptionally talented and fully qualified staff

We are a small private clinic with a warm and friendly atmosphere, we welcome all our clients with the same enthusiasm and listen to what they are looking for because its not about us but about them. In providing our clients with an exceptional service they remain with us throughout, indeed we have retained all of our clients since we began

We truly believe you can reinvent yourself to achieve your goals.  Our passion is to help you to look the best you can with our comprehensive treatment programs which directly address the areas you want to improve and sustain

Vitawell offers you a professional, clinically supervised environment where you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest standard of safe and ethical treatments in the hands of our approachable, knowledgeable and fully qualified friendly therapists who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals to feel and look the most fabulous you can and who will be with you throughout your journey with Vitawell

When you first get in touch with Vitawell, you will be invited to attend a free consultation session with one of our therapists, this will allow us to get an idea of what you wish to achieve through a thorough assessment to help us decide which treatment is the right one for you

Debbie says” Vitawell has been made possible through funding from our investor Debbie Read who has the vision required to enable total confidence in Vitawell and the anti-ageing and body contouring treatments it offers

We look forward to seeing you soon

Debbie Ash Debbie Read

If you'd prefer to discuss this treatment on the phone, request a call back and one of our customer advisor's will be in touch.

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